Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We had our first CPM training, led by SP, on last Sat. Hhhmmm... apparently he speaks Indonesian quite well. Cool! Esp when he said the word "yayasan" fluently =) Two thumbs up!!! I've gone through their family's website. Love it! And there's a translated version in some languages, including German! =)
We learned about obedience... Tough! And that "obedience-based" discipleship is the one that God seeks from us! Stan encourages us to "openly show spiritual lifestyle" and not being religious! =)

I shared with our Pastor Norman's BS group about "what God's been telling me" (he always asks us this question, in our Fridays meeting). God told me on that week, not to procrastinate =( but I disobeyed. My mind has been occupied by many things lately. I'm the chairwoman for the coming big event (this Sun!!!!!!!). Febi suddenly asked me and Wini for viewing some apartments for her family (as they're coming from Belgium on the 13th). That was really tiring and I had to allocate hours of my time after work for that, including Sunday. Not to mention phone calls and expensive global sms-es. Had it not been her, I don't think I would go the extra mile. On the other hand, I've been neglecting my works for the threatened-by-deadline applications... And I still need to entertain Wini -- she's too new to understand that everybody is busy (this is SINGAPORE!!!).
As always, God's grace sustains me... but... still, ignorance is one of my catharsical ways to cope with stress. LOL. Hahahahahaha. So, that's why I disobeyed for not being procrastinative...

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