Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mission "accomplished" ^___________^

Praise be to God who works in us to will and to work for His good pleasure! The event of which I am the chairwoman of the organizing committee took place today and... more than 300 visitors came and about 3/4 of them responded to the altar-call led by Kak Pet. I am grateful for seeing them coming and attending this event... as they are my "hope, and joy, and crown of rejoicing". On the other hand, I do feel relieved for completing the task that was assigned to me like a year ago. But... Rika and Fonny keep on teasing me regarding the "prayer" thingy *.* Like yesterday night -- we went to the cinema to watch BOLT -- liked it!!! -- and Rika jokingly teased me, "What are you doing here? I thought you'll be praying the whole day for tomorrow's event..." LOL. Never mind. Getting used to it, I guess... For the past few days God had been encouraging me... He taught me from Zechariah's vision that He will always find men for His work and He will find them at the right time! Moreover, I learned from Revelation that Jesus is never an idler: His garments are never loose, as though His ministry were over. And this morning, God said that I should learn from Paul's "undying zeal for the souls of men". They remind me to... be faithful. ... to work out my salvation. I talked to Fonny over the phone the other night. And she agreed that... in our ministry, even among us, not all of us share the same "level" of ownership to this ministry. It could be very discouraging for me, sometimes. But God has lifted my spirit up... He's still working, as He always does. So should I.
Sebab itu kami tidak tawar hati, tetapi meskipun manusia lahiriah kami semakin merosot, namun manusia batiniah kami dibaharui dari sehari ke sehari.
2 Korintus 4:16

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