Saturday, August 30, 2008

thank You: teach me...

I had lunch with JTG, Fonny, Sienny and Rika today... So glad to meet Sienny, to be able to share with her my struggle in my new job, the so-called moral responsibility that I should bear... and I told her too, how I struggled more after my business trip, meeting our business partners in Malaysia.
When I was in the midst of the talk with our business partners, I suddenly realized the painful fact that... these people do not have the passion for education. To them, education is just a business. And... it breaks my heart.
And I shared too, about our humble hotel in Sitiawan, a small city in Perak state, in Malaysia. And the humble school that I visited there... How all of those things had taught me that... I am sssooo far away from the 'characters' needed in missions field. *so embarassing* I talk to Him more nowadays, in prayers... God, give me the strength. Ajar Lisa, Tuhan... Pardon me, Lord, kalo Lisa sulit diajar... teach me, Lord. I have nothing in this fallen world, all is Yours. Rika told us about the Chapmans in Larry King's show... a lesson of faith.

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