Saturday, August 30, 2008

thank You: heal me...

I do feel the pain... struggling with this feeling-business. I read Steph's reply just now... and yep, she's right, I began to see the cultural differences. Esp regarding the concept of "friendship". I actually compared it with a study case presented in a workshop that I attended in GoForth Conference... *isn't it funny, making a comparison with a study-case in missions field* Wow, cultural differences... I experience it in a very different way now. And I don't know that it could be this painful. Steph says that I am obviously melancholy and introspective. LOL. So thankful that she prays for me... Telling her too that in the midst of the pain and fear, I feel the peace too, came from the prayers that I had a few days ago, in my hotel room when I was on my business trip. God talked to me this morning from Jeremiah 17:14 and Isaiah 57:18. He will heal me... of the existing wounds... and of the coming wounds that may come as a result of this struggle.

Kami mematahkan setiap siasat orang dan merubuhkan setiap kubu yang dibangun oleh keangkuhan manusia untuk menentang pengenalan akan Allah. Kami menawan segala pikiran dan menaklukkannya kepada Kristus.
[2 Korintus 10:5]

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