Saturday, May 12, 2007


In Indonesian, "Nuh" means "Noah", the Prophet Noah.... Remember about "Noah's ark"? ^_________^

I had my volunteer training today... As Ms. Lina walked us around the children's wards, I felt... overwhelmed... I've been there for so many times, till I feel so familiar with the building, the corridors, the wards... even with the people there (the security guards, the door-men...).

I don't explore Singapore much... For you to know, I went to Sentosa Island, taking pictures with the Merlion, had a memorable journey at the Night Safari... I had them all done after living more than 2 years here. LOL. And it was just because I accompanied some friends from Indonesia. Hahahahaha. I think, I explore NUH more than I explore SG. ^__________^ I can show you around the hospital, where the DDI is, where Clinic D is, where the CC is, UDC, Endoscopy Centre, etc.
Glancing back, remembering the past... End of 2003, based on my MRI result, my gastroenterologist in Jakarta told me that there were some new "tumors" seen on my pancreas. He said, pancreatic cases are tough, one of the most aggressive tumors. He then gave us advice to seek medical help in Nederland.

Well... Europe is so far away there... and we've lost contacts with our relatives there. Besides, EURO is expensive... After some advices given by the aunties I knew at our church congregation, I headed for SG. A week after my graduation in February 2004, my journey as a patient in one of the restructured hospitals in SG has begun.

After making an online appointment, I came to NUH with my mum. Hhhmm... it was crowded, especially with the body-temperature checking at the front doors. But it wasn't difficult to find the clinics I went to -- Johns Hopkins and Urology Clinic.

The 1st specialist I met was Dr Lim Hong Liang. Wow... when I saw him, I was surprised. I was expecting someone who was old, "senior"... while he looked like... he was just graduated a month earlier from medical school. LOL. He looked young. And I had to force myself to pay attention to what he said 'cos he spoke so singlish... ^__________^
The next specialist was Dr Consi (Dr David T. Consigliere), my urologist. Hhhmm... my first impression was he's friendly with his smiling face and... he spoke even more singlish. LOL.

I met another doctor at the other Singapore's restructured hospital too, but after a few visits, he concluded that a surgery would not be needed for my case, as it would be a difficult and with high-risks one. A/ Prof. Wong Wai Keong... he's a surgeon of upper-GI tract.

Now, after more than 3 years being a patient at NUH, I find another way to respond to God... a response for being entrusted with this struggle. I join the NUH Friends, a volunteer activity, befriending the patients. I don't know how much and what I can give... but at least my background would be a help to understanding the patients.

Thank you, NUH!

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