Saturday, November 12, 2011

I surrendered. And I surrender again.

I met Natalie a few years ago in a conference; her organization sort-of hired me doing translation at the 3-day event.  An American who had lived in Asia for then almost two decades, Natalie is a wife whose husband was working in one of SEA countries and it was heartbreaking for her when she had to follow her husband moving to another country.
I share her feelings; I'm not really keen on changes, I suppose :)  But last week was just another example that changes are part of life.  People come, people walk away from our lives... and we'll never be the same. 

As I prayed about it, as the news broke last week, it amazes me what His reply to me was.  
He told me, "I the Lord do not change."  
I broke down in tears as soon as I read that through the book of Malachi.
Two thousands years ago, next week, 5 years ago, yesterday, or 100 more years... how true, You do not change.  You're still You.  You're always You. 

In the midst of changing world and people, You remain the same.  As I've been pondering this, I was reading Rajini Vaidyanathan shared her story on her decision moving back to India, decades after her own parents left the country.
Born and grew up in Milton Keynes, she always felt a strong connection to India and its culture and its customs. 

And I understand what she shares in her diary. Now I know what that means.  What it means to make a decision of 'coming home' or staying or leaving for other country. I knew that You wanted me to come here... and I never regretted that decision although I've told You plenty of times that I didn't like it here.  But now... as it gets harder and harder to take in, I am pleading with you to show me Your will. Again. 

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Anonymous said...

Excuse, I can help nothing. But it is assured, that you will find the correct decision.