Sunday, July 3, 2011

The heroes and the dead.

I'm feeling better after the sadness of losing my dog...  He died last week, after at least 17 years with us.  I really thought that he waited for my brother to be at home, as he was visiting and thus able to bury our dog.  Otherwise my mom would have to ask someone else to do it.  Goodbye, Gorgie...  

I'm still adjusting at my new workplace... The system so far protects me from the crooks.  Good. I feel that I could trust my boss to protect me from the evils too... He's a nice young man, I think.  And I'll give him a birthday present  =)  Yay!

These pictures are up on MSN Sports news... on the "greatest dads in sport".
I love Van Persie's picture with his daughter.  
Yeah, apart from their million-dolar career, worldwide press coverage on their lives, they are fathers too. 

In such times like this, I wish I could have my dad back.

O Lord, keep the curse of leanness of soul far from me.  May I never need to cry, "I waste away, I waste away! Woe to me!" - Spurgeon.

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