Saturday, June 4, 2011

"No, Eric, you're not alone."

X-Men: First Class is just awesome!!!  Well, Hugh Jackman was only a cameo, as he got a sentence: "F**k yourself."  But I was with some others in the audience who "Ooohhh" when he came into the scene. Hahaha.

Erik Lehnsherr [Michael Fassbender -- oohh, he's cool!] survived the Holocaust due to his unusual power, but not his mother.  She was killed in front of him, shot.

This 5 DM coin was given to Erik by then his greatest enemy, Sebastian Shawn.  With the same coin, Erik killed him, years later. -- You gotta see how such coin could hit the forehead of Sebastian, passing through his skull, through his head; all slow-motioned.  *horrible*

German History was one of my subjects in college -- well, no, I could not avoid that, Es Tut Mir Leid  =)   and I did learn how the Nazis holocaust is a stain that will remain in German history, apart from various reactions, including denials, of its existence.
The killings remained in the hearts of many who survived today... the pain of losing the loved-ones.  The separation. And the fact that you can't even bury the dead. 

The tragic death of his mother has haunted Erik in his whole life, it became an anger within him, an agony, became the major force for him to use his power.  It was till he met Charles Xavier [James McAvoy -- another cool guy!] who looked into Erik's mind and memory... and understood his pain.

"No, Eric, you're not alone."  

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