Saturday, May 28, 2011

My five loaves and two fishes.

The 3-day meeting was finally over.  It was fruitful, as I got to connect with a couple of new contacts that will be beneficial for our work  =)   *blessed*

Physically a Jap, his American accent and Israeli citizenship are indeed attractive factors.  His challenge of taking up the waves of God's purposes was... overwhelming.

My challenges, the boundaries I place on me and people place on me...  Not a task to be solved in one night.  But it reminds me on how faithful You are.  How You look through beyond any boundaries men build. You look through our lives.  And wonderful it is that You call us, to be part in the wave of purposes You are sending across Asia and beyond.  

"Take my five loaves and two fishes 
Do with it as You will 
I surrender 
Take my fears and my inhibitions 
All my burdens, my ambitions 
You can use it all to feed them all" 
-- Corrinne May - Five Loaves And Two Fishes


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