Friday, February 4, 2011

"There's nothing I could do."

We watched "Gifted Hands" this evening in our small 'family'.  Ben Carson (Cuba Gooding Jr.) just lost his twin babies... His wife survived the miscarriage, but the pain of losing the twins was overwhelming (it is always sad to see a man weep)... A famous neurosurgeon, this is what he told his mom, "There's nothing I could do."

Reading the chapter "Healing the Wound" of Captivating, I realized how much damage had been done to a woman's heart.  It has been assaulted; it might be obvious as in the strories of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse.  

... Or it might be more subtle, the indifference of a world that cares nothing for her but uses her until she is drained.. Forty years of being neglected damages a woman's heart too, dear friends. Either way, the wounds continue to come long after we're "grown up", but they all seem to speak the same message.  ...
We don't feel worthy of pursuit. So we hang a Do Not Disturb sign on our personalities, and send a "back off" message to the world. ............
The assaults continue to this very day.  As you back off on me, it hurts me even more. I am fighting in silence, to be seen, to be heard.  But ... "For there is One greater than your Enemy. One who has sought you out from the beginning of time. He has come to heal your broken heart and restore your feminine soul. ..."
Why did God curse Eve with loneliness and heartache, an emptiness that nothing would be able to fill? Wasn't her life going to be hard enough out there in the world, banished from the Garden that was her true home, her only home, never able to return? It seems unkind. Cruel, even.

He did it to save her.  For as we all know personally, something in Eve's heart shifted at the Fall. Something sent its roots down deep into her soul -- and ours -- that mistrust of God's heart, that resolution to find life on our own terms. So God has to thwart her. In love, he has to block her attempts until, wounded and aching, she turns to him and him alone for her rescue.

Let me touch the hem of your garment, and be healed... for there's nothing I could do.

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