Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hooters Girl

Fox Business has this story of a 20-years old girl named Chante Rivera working as Hooters girl a year and a half ago.  Has been working since the age of 13, Rivera had to find her own ways to pay for her schooling.  This job with Hooters was the one she could find.  With a rising unemployment rate of 9%, I do understand that many other young people in the US will need to support their own education.

Notorious for the attractive girls as its waitresses, at Hooters, Rivera could still find guys who will tip her $100 for a couple of beers.  But it interests me of what she says, 

"The guys who've given me $100 tips have never once asked me out," Rivera said. "They just want to have a pretty girl sit and talk with them."
It's not the point of the story, but... =)  reading Chapter 8 of Captivating,  "Beauty to Unveil", I am once again reminded that beauty dwells in every woman.  It was given to her by her Creator. It was given to me too.   God's beauty (and goodness) is reflected through his creation all around us...  But my beauty is veiled when I let my fear overcome me, when I hide and refuse to be vulnerable.  It does hurt when you care of someone who doesn't reciprocate  =)  but as I now try to keep my hearts open and alive, and find refuge and healing from my Creator, it is liberating when I surrender whatever results I may get...  
Beauty invites.  How he responds -- if he responds -- is not in her hands. But still, she invites.  (Captivating, 144). 

Unveiling our beauty really just means unveiling our feminine hearts.
It's scary, for sure. ...  We'll have to trust him that we have a beauty, that what he has said of us is true.  And we'll have to trust him with how it goes when we offer it, because that is out of our control.  We'll have to trust him when it hurts, and we'll have to trust him when we are finally seen and enjoyed.  That's why unveiling our beauty is how we live by faith.
Unveiling our beauty is our greatest expression of hope. We hope that it will matter, that our beauty really does make a difference.  We hope there is a greater and higher Beauty, hope we are reflecting that Beauty, and hope it will triumph.  ..........
And unveiling beauty is our greatest expression of love, because it is what the world most needs from us.  When we choose not to hide, when we choose to offer our hearts, we are choosing to love.  ....  Our focus shifts from self-protection to the hearts of others.  We offer Beauty so that their hearts may come alive, be healed, know God.  That is love.           (Captivating, "Beauty to Unveil", 149)

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Drunkenness reveals what soberness conceals.