Thursday, February 24, 2011

Concealer? Mine's from Clinique.

I was in touch with an ex-colleague on MSN today... I knew that she got this other education-sector related job several months back, but I didn't know till today the dark side of the job.

We had a great time working for the same organization till last year... and we had to part, now scattered.  I do regret that this new organization is not any better for her than our previous employer.  Sighs. I hate it when it's "dark" and evil in education field. 
Do you know that it is illegal in Singapore to work if you are a Student Pass holder?  If I were to run my own business, establish my own private school, and told the students I recruited from other countries that they could work in Singapore while they study in my school, what would you call me?

Got a call from my Germany-based supervisor today and talked over the phone for some 1.5 hours, I couldn't but think through of what I am doing... and what I am aspire to be.
What are You teaching me?  What have You been trying to show me?
As the wickedness presents in every single workplace, how could I actively promote changes? 

The beautiful and handsome models that we often see in the magazines or on TV or put up high there on the billboards are not as perfect as what they are portrayed to be.
Photoshop is a technology that works like magic, isn't it?  =)  

Throughout millions of years of human race, I think we have not changed much... we still sin, do the same mistakes, we say the wrong words, we have the wrong motivations for doing the good things... 
We could do any "magic" on our lives and it would help you to conceal some REAL things beneath.  We can do anything that we like in life, anything.  At the same time, we can deny the existence of a divine Creator as we live our own lives, being the boss of our own fate. 

Millions of people are doing it, billions more have done it.  Nothing much new.
And you know what... our Creator does not change at all, too!  He still hates sin, He is still all-knowing, He is still loving us  =)  and longs for us to turn to Him. 


Andreas Pilipus said...

You wrote, "As the wickedness presents in every single workplace, how could I actively promote changes?"

I truly appreciate your desire to bring changes for the good in society, wherever you are. But perhaps we are called more to be faithful, rather than to bring changes. That is to say that whether we can see changes or not, we are called to be faithful. Of course we'll hope that good changes will happen, but when they don't happen, we are to but continue to be faithful. We often just can't change the evil structure in which we're located. In such case, just continue to do our part (those under our "control") faithfully. Press on! :)

Beth said...

Thanks, 'Ko :) Yeah, I got what you mean... I don't know yet how to make peace with it... & how to draw the line for standing up and 'being faithful' (working within the corrupted system, etc). If my boss is blatantly doing something illegal, against the law, I would either leave or make noise =p Sighs.

Andreas Pilipus said...

Hah? You called me 'ko'?? I'm younger than you by almost 1 year! :D Do I look that OLD? Sigh... :p

Well, perhaps we don't need to make peace with it but to continuously live within that tension? :)

Making a noise is part of being faithful. And leaving a company for some valid reasons may be an expression of your our faithfulness to God's calling too.

Beth said...

LOL. Sorry, Andreas. Hahaha. No, you don't look old. Just... matured. *peace*
yeah, when I stayed on within that tension, I did see how beyond-measure His mercy & strength were! It was amazing to see His daily providence when I had to live under such difficult situation. But I did keep telling Him when I reached "my limit" =p then He opened a door for me to leave.