Saturday, December 4, 2010

Broken Hearts

She was my schoolmate back in primary school... Visiting SG for a few days, she's enjoying her holiday here with her mom, two kids (8 and 5), and an aunt.  I was so excited meeting her after... 18 years at least!  We hugged each other and one of my first questions was, "So, your husband is not coming with you?" 

She left her kids with her mom and aunt, so we could spend some time for dinner.  And... I knew, another broken heart was speaking out of the thirst and longing of love... Eternal love, I believe.  Her marriage is not working well.  She's persevering for the kids sake.  And she's trying to find "a new love" while she's in this rocky road.

Praying for her, Father... With her parents divorce, I understand that she had never seen an exemplary healthy marriage.  But even though my parents lived together till death parted them, I too failed to witness what biblical-manhood means.  I still have a tough time to believe that such thing exists till this very day. 

The boys remain being boys in here.  And the men outside the four walls know how to treat us, respect us, treasure us better.

Sustain me, Father.  Be with me... Help me to not ceasing coming to you with a broken heart each time I sit in that pew and barely witness significant improvement in what we term as biblical manhood.

Take heart. Take heart. 

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