Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Achtung: Lady Di, Utrecht & croissant

Some friends strongly advise me to start praying... for God to remove this particular 'aura' off me.  LOL.  Yeah, I kinda attract danger -- I could be picked up, literally, by men on the street or a target for criminals.  

A middle-aged Canadian man asked me to change my seat on the plane, to sit with him on my way back to SG on an SQ flight.  Or... a Spanish guy that suddenly appeared behind me when I was at Marks&Spencer, asking for my phone number! 

But some friends argue that... "You don't have to remove that aura!  Puhleeze!  Other girls are dying to be attractive to guys.  You should maintain that appeal!!!  You gotta use it, girl!"  LOL.   Well, anyway, the debate will last forever, I suppose  :-)  and I have not started praying.  Haha...

I'm so not Eurasian  (:

I've been communicating again with Tante Carla... an aunt of mine who lives in Utrecht.  We started talking after Papa's passing and now I'm updating her on our family every now and then... I think it's a nice thing to be connected again with a family member thousands of miles separated from you.

Did you know that they auctioned Lady Di's black-gown?  It looks gorgeous!  I think Prince Charles is kinda... *shrug*  I dunno, they report that he doesn't like it!  Weird.

I accompanied a cousin at Kinokuniya about a couple of months ago as she visited SG for a few days.  As she was browsing for architecture books, I was flipping through a book of Di's photos (it's in 3 languages: English, German and French), she was so adorable!  

Men are stupid, rite.  LOL.  I can't but always being sympathetic knowing about what Prince Charles did to her.   How could he possibly treat her that bad.  And Camilla was not even up to par.  Sighs.

C'est vrai!  

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VD said...

Hi Beth,

I think you should pray so that your appeal attracts the right person and somehow just won't work with the wrong crowd :P