Saturday, December 5, 2009


Crawling, we are reaching Chapter 12 of "Discipling Nations". Yay! Darrow Miller is indeed cool!
We were reading the part about "Thrift -- Save as Much as You Can" where he writes:
The future demands delayed gratification, sacrifice, and self-denial. Those who live only for today may well be poor tomorrow. The hedonist's motto is "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die." Perhaps, it should be "Eat, drink, and be merry, and tomorrow we will be poor." Excessive spending today is often a predictor of future poverty. A wealthy country such as Saudi Arabia could well become poor if it does not wisely invest its oil wealth. In fact, we can expect this.
Huhu. He's cool, isn't he? Yep, and now the world is watching Dubai falling, financially. Well, Jtg told us how this book is his fave now :D *grin* I think it's mine too! -- after "Five Points of Calvinism" when I was in college... and "Mendapatkan-Mu Dalam Kehilanganku" and "For Such a Time As This" and "Where is God When It Hurts?"... uummm... oh, and after "What's So Amazing About Grace?" :-)
However, Jtg pointed out how "American" this book is *LOL* Well, not only the writer is an American, but... inside it... well, we can find principles like investment, free markets, democratic capitalism, and how fondly Miller mentions about "the Founding Fathers of the United States" :) Haha. He's kinda concerned that we might be "biased" and too "Americanized". Anyways, we love this book!
Sighs. I'm kinda worried about my trip to Medan next week... and it's crazily hectic at the office -- making things worse :( Attending Bryan's birthday party a few days ago was one of the good ways to unwind... and my new BB Curve... and dinner with friends tonight at Marché!

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