Wednesday, September 23, 2009

He's 61 and she's 38; a British and a Thai.

My boss was 37 when he married his then 26-year-old wife of a different racial background. In my Christmas card, I told him that he's one of the rarely unique Singaporeans I've ever met during my decent 5-year inhabitancy here. Yesterday's incident proved me, again, that he's indeed unique :) Dealing with unscrupulous, unethical business partners of our school, this recent incident experienced by our foreign students has disgusted me. And I heard my boss calling me from inside his room, "Beth, you're right, Singaporeans are disgusting and irritating!"
The sharpness of his point of view, the way he looks on things, his ability to see his own nation's shortcomings... they're just amazing :) Moreover, he's always been like a father for us, like giving us tips about men, relationship, marriage, etc. Hahaha. He once told us how age gap is fantastically good in relationships; well, referring to his case. And how he was concerned about him aging, health problems may come uninvited, yet without having a wife.
Looking at Michael J. Fox on Oprah a few days ago, he reminded me of my boss' story. Living with Parkinson, I could see how the tremor, postural instability showed in every movement Fox made are the vivid signs of the disease in him. Fox told the audience about Tracy, his wife, how she sees beyond physical, accepting him and supporting him... which made me see the real example of living out the vow "... in sickness and in health, ... till death do us part".

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