Tuesday, August 25, 2009


A movie that will, well, dramatize the last days of Lehman Brothers fall is in the making. Yayyy! Aren't they so creative? Well, I do hope that we can learn something from it. Like... how damn high they pay its executives. LOL.

Reading FierceFinance, the e-bulletin about financial services, I kinda... feel sick. Hahaha. Our notorious colleague in the Finance Dept has just returned from his 2-week holiday and we're in a sort of... why-is-he-here-again kind of mood. I'm afraid I don't know how to get over this; that Finance Dept and Marketing Dept would always have different point of views and policies and approaches, etc. Meanwhile, I think letting go is part of the process of being mature. Living in SG for the past 5 years does not help me much in exercising it. Convenience or comfort is a vivid threat here. Apart from my struggles with the medical world, I don't suffer much, I daresay. I'm still quite protected behind the fence and electronic security system that protect our apartment. If I were not a volunteer in hospital, I may not keep in touch with sufferings. And my mom is still protective as always. What a too-comfortable way of living. Flying Falling The pain behind me Sound Lose Empire of illusions Today I hold nothing in my hands When you are not here, my heart is gone. Isabel, if you go your God will get angry at you. So do not let this love die like that. I cried, I'm crying And suffering in solitude Come back to me and I will make you happy, Isabel. Seeking Feeling The passion of love Treat fleeing when the time comes Escaping from the past You and I just love forever lasts Today I hold nothing in my hands When you are not here, My heart is gone Isabel Where can I go Isabel Where can I go, without you? I dont know how to survive without you

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