Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lanjutkan! -- You're Nothing But a Liar.

Thinking and writing about these following important, influential entities, I can't but feel disturbed of recalling the experience Syl had a few days ago. She was so angry that she furiously said how men are liars. Hhhmm... Not all of them are, I believe. Well, most of them are just... cowards. And many are simply... jerks. Yaayyy!!! Mr. Susilo & Mr. Boediono are ahead of the other candidates in the presidential election! TODAY (11-12 July 2009) wrote a special report about Mr. Boediono, SBY's running mate. Wow, I didn't know that he used to work at the BoA in Jakarta in 1968. And he attended Wharton School of U-Penn for his doctorate! *beams* Meanwhile, Mr. Obama visits Pope Benedict XVI for the very first time.
"Given the influence of the Catholic Church globally, as well in the United States , and frankly, given the influence of the Catholic Church and church social teaching on the president himself, he recognizes that this is much more than your typical state visit," McDonough said.
:-) It was reported that he explicitly promised the pontiff to limit/reduce abortions in the US. Hhhm... wondering how he's gonna do that since he supports abortion rights. When Obama left his room, the pope said, "I'll pray for you. I'll pray for your work." So sweet....

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