Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The End (here)

I'm afraid this is the end. The end of the long battle -- well, not long enough, actually. "For the Truth Behind the NTU Stabbing" is about to end its struggle in finding the truth. No choice, it's truly understandable, since we're faced with a government with tainted reputation as below:
The Economist Intelligence Unit classes Singapore as a "hybrid" country, with authoritarian and democratic elements. Freedom House does not consider Singapore an "electoral democracy" and ranks the country as "partly free". Reporters Without Borders ranked Singapore 140th out of 167 countries in its 2005 Worldwide Press Freedom Index. Western democracies consider the form of government in Singapore to be closer to authoritarianism rather than true democracy and could be considered an illiberal democracy or procedural democracy.

Daniel Manoah Yosua (Pensacola Christian Academy) wrote at 7:50pm yesterday I believed strongly that David Hartanto was murdered instead of suicide. All the evidences doesn't lead to suicide. And I truly know what Singapore is... An innocent appearance but filthy inside. The government was behind all this.. They're hiding something. Remember, the truth is often eclipsed but it can never be extinguished. Keep fighting and God will make way. Good hunting and God bless you all!

Farewell, David. I am truly sorry, we have lost the battle for you. But... they (all of us) will not be able to avoid the eternal judgment.

Meanwhile, Sonia Sotomayor is fighting her battle, 2nd day of grueling, daylong hearing. Yaayyy!

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