Wednesday, May 6, 2009


"I am not a businessman. I am an educator..."
Hearing that from Tim Howie -- a principal of a new private school in Jakarta -- who confidently stood in front of angry, despondent parents in a private school in Bandung several weeks ago, I was like... That has been my struggle, at least the past 9 months, since I work in this "industry" of the education world. And hearing his statement that was distinctively separating "business" and "education", I was kinda... I was just not too sure that I share the same stand as his. I've been learning that... people who are in the education field have the passion for education. I've been meeting people who are money-driven, money-minded; the worst is so far the unethical people in managerial positions in this industry. Another occassion several days ago, my colleague told me of "jobs which are not meant for believers" -- as she told me of her concerns over her backsliding friend who was previously a fervent believer. "No, it's not about the job, I believe... we should reign in every aspect of life in this world... There should be God-fearing presidents; there should be God-fearing counselors; there should be God-fearing web-designer; there should be God-fearing cook; the list goes on..." I shared my view with her. A seminar that I attended today, "Branding in a Downturn", has taught me more about Business. I heard success stories of businessmen, from some local brands that are expanding like Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Charles&Keith, to foreign brand like Lenovo and Citibank. And I loved the presentation from Citibank! Well, still... I hate money-minded people in the education field. Yet I do not know how to merge business + education... I believe there must be ethical business people in this world, rite?

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