Saturday, March 7, 2009

GRE, CPM, ARLDF, TOEFL, NTU, MTT, NTM, UCB, UPenn, smuki ...

Attending the talk "Living Out Loud -- Beyond NC08", Vinoth reminded me that 'integral m' is not merely about CPM... as the Good News is about the world that He loves and created. ... be in the world but not of the world! My life currently revolves around the above mentioned abbreviations. Sigh. Last night I attended the talk held by KBRI (Indonesian embassy in SG). Pak Yayan Mulyana was there, one of its officers whom David Widjaja's family accompanied by on TV. He's cool.... seems to be patient, speaks English well -- shifted from KBRI in New York, the ambassador told us. We have lost an asset, a young talented promising man. He had contributed his ability, talents for the country and I do hope that our country will keep this in mind -- pursuing for justice over his death is one of the tributes the country can pay him back, I suppose! In the meantime, I do support my friends' efforts to fight for him, including establishing a petition, writing to the media (as we believe that some-powerful-people-not-to-be-named are using media to mislead the public), keep on urging our KBRI to really pay their fullest attention to this case. I may not know David personally, but as an alumna of smuki (SMUK I), we are however bound in the family of SMUK I alumni... As a foreigner in this city-state, I do share the same feelings with my friends how generally we do not like SG, its system and its people... "Sweep under the carpet" mentality, image conscious, snobbish, acting like it's and aiming to be the world-famous, etc. However, I'm always thankful that this is a good training ground for me... He's been sustaining me all these years. Juggling in the hectic March (IGCF Camp, business trip, meeting Pak Roger for his MTT ministry, finding a time to watch "Marley and Me" with friends, etc), I try to practice my Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry ~.~

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