Saturday, December 13, 2008

liar liar

As I struggled to fry my long-bean-with-minced-pork-meat on a small-sized frying pan, I couldn't avoid of thinking of my friends... they're now on an MT to P. I wish I knew earlier that my business trip to Bangkok was cancelled, perhaps I could join them, so that I could get more exposures *sad* Hhhmm, but... since Jim's points are quite true, short-term MTs are just... They have to be well-prepared and organized, so that the short-term MT will not burden the locals, or worse, ruining the 'management'/system there. Most probably, I may not have a frying pan in the field, rite. So, frying on a small-sized frying pan could be a good training. Heru has a bigger frying-pan. But he has started packing his belongings, furnitures, cooking utensils in boxes... LOL. Yep, guess what, I'm moving out (again) -- hhhmmm... the 3rd for this year alone. Not to mention last year's. Glancing back... I am fully amazed seeing how God's been molding me through all of these house-removals. I like my life runs in a routine and stable cycle. Yet, since last year, I do see how He's been smashing me, spanking me over this. Amazing. At least for this time, I'll just move 2 towers away -- it's in the same apartment, but different tower. Hahahahahaha. Last year was worse. There were times I didn't even really have proper plans of where I should stay the following day or week or month. I hate last-minute arrangement. I consider myself as a well-planner. Hhhmm... it tallies with the personality tests that I had: I follow structure very well. I like it, rather. So, when I am placed in a condition without proper structures/plans/instructions, I'll get... irritated. And lost. But now... I keep on learning that my plans are not everything, they're still under His power. After weeks of despair, I'm feeling better. Pak Roger sent me an email, Greetings from Dallas! *so touched* He said that he prayed the other day for God's special blessings on me... Speaking to me from Isaiah, God told me this morning that my windows of faith are often so misty and cloudy that I see but dimly, and I mistake much that I do see.

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