Monday, November 10, 2008


"Coping with Stress"
It's my last class in the TENT Course with BGST... And the lecturer really gives us stresses -- more homeworks now. Hahahahahahaha.
The things that we'll learn are: 1. common stress in the field 2. coping strategies 3. how to recognise stress 4. know about good stress
The lecturer told us that we are called to be faithful... not to be stress-copers. He reminds us that God's presence is with us. I always try to be grateful ^_________^ for the stresses that I had since I lived in one of the most over-worked countries in Asia; with these weird people called 'Singaporeans' (citing Ken Chua -- KAIROS Singapore). I always took it as one of the chances to be molded and prepared before I enter the real 'jungle'...

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