Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Still Together, Still Lost

That's the tagline of Madagascar 2. I watched it with Fonny a few days ago. Hahahahaha. But... I think that movie is just filled with cruelty -- I mean, you gotta see how the killings are conducted by those supposedly-cute animals. Or is this related with very-American-minds/style of joke sort of thing? I prefer SHREK.
Anyway, our colleague's rabbit died a few days ago and she cried because of that. And Elin doesn't understand why we should cry for losing a pet. I cried each time our dogs died. And I can't imagine how I would cry if Gorgie dies.... 'cos we've been suspecting that he's deaf as he's getting older and older -- he doesn't care anymore if car comes in to the courtyard. And he no longer responds when we call out his name. I think he's about 15-year old now...
But each time I'm home for holidays, he will always recognize me... ^_________^ I'm the closest family member to him. When I was hospitalized for a month in 2004, he refused to eat for weeks... And similarly when I shifted to SG. He almost died after weeks, more than a month I guess, refused to eat, laying down quietly without showing passion and interest to live. Fortunately, he got over it and managed to live on with me being away from him...
Meanwhile, we've reached Chapter 3 in our reading of the book "Discipling Nations" in our UPG interest-group. Cool! Rocks! 10/40 Window is mentioned in this book too.

As with all false worldview, this kind of thinking is rooted in man's sin and rebellion against his Creator, who created a world of abundance and blessing. Man's allienation from God (and God's principles) produces a mindset of poverty that further poisons the mind, spirit, and heart. This pauper mentality has consequences in the physical world, leaving people poor and hungry -- and unable to even imagine a way of escape.

The Bible is clear enough that being poor is not in itself a sin, that God has a special concern for the poor, and that being rich is not necessarily a sign of God's spiritual favor. Jesus warned repeatedly about the spiritual dangers of wealth. Yet God did not create poverty; man did. The problem is usually rooted in mindsets that retard and resist development, trapping people in destitution.

"Discipling Nations: The Power of Truth to Transform Cultures" -- Darrow Miller
(YWAM Publishing: 2001)

It's quite stressful thinking about next month's event... Wow, look at how the effect of bearing the title of "chairwoman". Hahahahahaha. And Rika reminded us to prepare the things needed for the class led by Stan P. As he's currently based in SG, he's willing to teach and equip us in CPM. It's planned to be a 6-month "project" sort of thing.
BTW, I love my new pillow! Thankful now that Wini forced me to buy it... Hahahahahha. It helps me to sleep well, I noticed. Well, it's not the Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow special for GERD patients like me. That one may cost me almost a USD100, I believe. But this pillow helps too, so I don't need to struggle with my breathing prior or in the midst of sleeping.

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