Monday, November 10, 2008

sing... sing... sing...

We have started practising for Christmas caroling... =) We'll be singing a tough song, in terms of breathing and high-pitch... Hahahahahaha.

On medical-leave till tomorrow, I spent the whole day writing, typing, watching movies ("The Verdict" and "Lethal Vows" -- bought the DVDs quite some time ago). And I suddenly remembered that I haven't done my homeworks (for the last module of my TENT Course) *lazy*
A King Became A Servant (Lew T. King)
A king became a servant
when God became a man
Heaven came to earth below and brought redemption's plan
The world had long been waiting,
they knew this Child would come.
This Servant King would change the world,
this Baby was God's Son.
But just a few were watching, the others did not see
but stable born was He.
His Father was our God Himself,
He's born of a virgin.
Shepherds found and worshipped Him,
then left to tell the world.
He chose to live a servant's life and die the sinner's death
But soon upon His servant brow,
the victor's crown would rest.
A king became a servant according to God's plan.
Jesus came to earth below, uniting God and man.
Febi will try to reach SG by mid-December... from Belgium with 'Ko Junop and their son, Nate -- 'Ko Junop is taking an MBA with INSEAD. He'll travel SG-France for its classes...
Meanwhile, I told Wini that perhaps all of us could celebrate Christmas here together... with Kak Motik + Kak Dany + cute Joshua! ^__________^

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