Friday, September 5, 2008

PhD = permanent-head-damage

Doctorate... Hhhmmm... fascinating! I had a chat with Ado today. He's still in Leeds, UK. And he's planning to have a doctorate degree in the US...

Ado, Asa, Febi and I were used to "compete" for the top-three ranks during our junior-high stint ^O^ Ado and Asa proceeded to SMUN 8, while Febi and I went to SMUK I... And the 2 guys still complained about the pressure that they got from their teachers to compete with our school. Hahahahaha. ...what a history!
Sometimes Febi will communicate with me thru Facebook or Friendster... She's now in Belgium with Nathan (her "bundle of joy") and her husband. We've been friends for... more than 10 years. And yesterday in her message she told me that, although I'm far away from her, she somehow feels the closeness with me and shares the same thoughts as mine. *terharu*

And here's the picture of a beagle getting a fake PhD degree with US$599. He's cute...

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