Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my Wowed-by-SG moments #1

I visited Methodists Girls' School this morning with our School Counsellor. It's a huge area with foyers and 3-storey buildings, running track with tennis and basketball fields, special Sports Area, a big auditorium for its more than 1,000 students of Primary and Secondary school. I kept thinking that it was a private school until our Counsellor said that it's a government-school -- supported by the Methodist Church. Wowed by SG...
Indeed, it's very different with my perception that I brought along with me as an Indonesian, grew up -- with the privilege (as our Counsellor says) -- in private schools until I was in senior-high. One reason is that our government is poor, so the fund for education is "limited".
It was relieving and overwhelming to see the primary students walking around... They looked so cute with their small-sized bodies... ^o^
After handling an application for 2 African girls about 2 weeks ago, I was amazed today by the news that we had an inquiry from Kazakhstan. Wowed by SG... This country is getting more and more attractive for foreign students. SG is small, safe, student-friendly city-state and home of thousands of international companies.
I helped Care, our Thai student, doing her essay and Math homeworks. She sat on my table after school and started writing on her notepad (after Elin and I 'forced' her to do so. Hahahahaha). Her essay was fine (oh, she's 13, Secondary 1).
But when she showed me her Math homework, hhhmmm... I frowned. "Solving Equation & Inequalities" is written on the top.
x lemons are sold for $1. And 3 chillis are sold for y cents. Jamie buys 20 lemons and 21 lychees.

Hey, where's the chilli? It's not mentioned anymore until the end of the questionnaire. Hahahahahaha. Suying laughed when I told her this. So, I decided for Care that she should focus on lychees (as it's more compatible with lemon) and not chillis. LOL.
I began to develop some sympathy over this girl... She often says that she's a boy. Or that nobody loves her. And today, after helping a little with her homework, she told me how abusive her mother was. She told the story with grinning and laugh. And I am sure that there's a sad story behind it...
Dillion is Elin's friend's dog... cute.

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