Saturday, September 6, 2008


made from genuine Swarovski beads and specially hand-made by Kim Do Young (our student) Our "bible study" with Pastor Norman has been started yesterday... Hhhmmm... learned a lot. Elin and I talked to him last week in the midst of the prom-night bash for our students... And he is sure that God has sent me (and Elin) to this school... ^________^ He then offered himself to lead a "bible study" for us, in "that project".
Elin is very cute... It was only my... 3rd day working, I guess, she already told me that I am an organized person. And a few days later told me that I am "cantik"... Hahahahaha. She initiated our breakfast-fellowship... and we learned to pray for our colleagues, our boss(es), our principal... and the struggles that we have in this school.
Pastor Norman gave us his new book, Can you answer these Questions? and signed it for us. But he made us promise him to read it ^o^ I asked for a 3-month deadline. Hahaahhaha.
He writes...
"Dear Elizabeth, choose a few and mentor them." Norman

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