Tuesday, September 23, 2008

28th: Puerto Rico

I prayed for Puerto Rico on my birthday. I learned one thing about its "long unresolved issue of its political future" -- how people are torn between the present political status as a commonwealth linked to the USA, becoming US state, or complete independence.
Praying for Puerto Rico is possible just because I've reached the alphabet "P" of the "Operation World" book =p and it's been planned to pray for that country on the 21st of Sept. My birthday was celebrated today by colleagues. I had a present from the other "angels" -- we are Charlie's angels (Suying, Elin and I), with Cecile as the chief-angel. HAHAHAHAHAHA. We are Mr. Andrew's angels... And Care, our Thai student, gave me a heart-shaped candy... Mmuuacchh. So happy that she enjoyed joining me and Elin in the Bible study with Pastor Norman. The new class for the next module of TENT Course has commenced today. Hhhmmm... the lecturer is very senior, he's almost 60, filled with passion and rich of experiences.
After a day of sickness -- vomiting and weakness -- and a severe headache on last Sat, I finally felt better today. Geezzz... Keep on wishing that I would stay away from any hospitalization for this year...

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