Wednesday, August 20, 2008

unWANTED: roti john

I was planning to go directly to Rika's office on last Mon -- we had a meeting for the upcoming Christmas. But, a colleague asked me to join her accompanying Care (that's how we call her 'cos her name is very Thai in flavor and thus difficult for us to pronounce. LOL), a Thai student, for a dinner. Care is a cheerful girl, she could storm into our Corporate Office, laughing and jumping and talking altogether... LOL. Without hesitation, she even once asked me to comb her long hair and made a ponytail. So, we (Care and I) had our first Roti John for dinner ^_________^ My colleague, a Singaporean, was so delighted to accompany us. Yep, been in SG for 4 years now and that was my very first time eating Roti John. Hahahahahaha. Many friends of mine mostly couldn't stop understand how "slow" I am. Roti John is very interesting... but... quite 'nothing' compares to our martabak manis and martabak telor in Indonesia. Our school counsellor said that Care was very quiet when she first came. With her family background, it is understandable that she feels abandoned, esp by her mother. And according to our school counsellor, there are a lot of them here in our school... I told him that it sounds similar with the patients at hospital... When I come for my volunteering, they are mostly alone, without family members coming to visit them and surrounding them with care. Unwanted. Many of these students are unwanted children... Our school counsellor said that many of them are sent here to SG because their family do not want to take good care of them. Well, my colleague and I paid for the dinner, hopefully it will cheer Care up ^________^ **************** Kak Muti will come in few days ahead... a surgery needs to be done. I hope I could be in the best assistance for her. I referred her to Dr Vanaja Kalaichelvan, my gynaecologist. But... Kak Muti didn't tell me who's going to perform the surgery... I am not sure that Dr Vanaja does that. She's estimated to stay in for 3 days post surgery. Wow, technology has been improving.

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