Friday, August 22, 2008

"The Best Is Yet To Be"

stewardship in schools Methodist Schools' Staff Get-Together at Anglo-Chinese Junior College, 22 August 2008
I met Chiny on Yahoo!Messenger yesterday... and shared with her how "interdenominational" I am. LOL. Grew up in a Calvinist presbyterian church, experiencing the turning-point of my spiritual life in interdenominational campus ministry, and then moving to SG I spent 3.5 years of struggling in a reformed-evangelical church, and now I have a membership with a presbyterian church... But Rika says, Presbyterian is very weak in missions, while Baptist has a strong flavor of it.
Tonight I sat in the midst of hundreds of teachers and staff of Methodist schools -- 15 of us in SG. Bishop Dr Robert Solomon was the speaker -- and I wasn't attentive to his sermon... *oooppsss... sorrryyy* And "The Best Is Yet To Be" is their motto.
Today was tiring. And I began to realize that adapting with a particular colleague would be a new challenge. I was... kinda grateful, that although I had the chance to be "forever-queen" at home, suffering (and living in SG) has been a great means to mold me. *just trying to be patient towards her*
We (my flatmates and I, and many other friends) used to despise Singapore Idol and Miss Singapore Universe... *ooppsss* Well, with 4 million population (half of them are foreigners) it is a considerable factor why SG is weak in its "art" (their contestants for the forementioned shows have poor performance and the ladies are not beautiful). When we attended GoForth Conference, the 1st comment from Rika was, "Why do they always choose him to be worship leader?" (Disclaimer: apparently, almost for all national events, the worship leader is always the same person)
But another reason is, SG does not suffer enough. Sufferings make people "creative", somehow.
Teacher's Pledge
We the teachers of the Methodist Schools in Singapore.
pledge that we will be true to our calling and mission
to bring out the best in our pupils.
We will be exemplary in the discharge of our duties
and responsibilities.
We will guide our pupils to be good
and useful citizens.
We will continue to learn
and pass on the love of learning to our pupils.
We will win the trust, support and co-operation
of parents and the community
so as to enable us to achieve our mission.
We will serve with integrity, to the glory of God.

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