Sunday, July 20, 2008

GoForth 2008 (#2)

GoForth National Missions Conference Our Asian Missions Challenge God's Glory in the East Singapore. 16-19 July 2008 __________________ Day 4 Dr Ajith Fernando shares his messages that come from real experiences, things that he has encountered, dealt with, happened in his life... that's something precious, rather than sharing "theories", I hope you understand what I mean. From the panel discussion, I learned a lot of other real life stories from the panelists. Facilitator: Lyndon Gan And the panelists were: Pastor Daniel Jesudason who served in PNG with his wife through Wycliffe BTI... They are presently based in Singapore. Ms Penny Phuah is a Singaporean with qualifications in Law from UK and a barrister of the Middle Temple Inns of Court. She has been working in India for 9 years and has grown a garment factory... She is now getting ready to build a Bible school and primary school. Rev Dr Rick Seaward is the founding pastor and Apostolic Overseer of Victory Family Centre in Singapore. He believes that every local church has a part to play in world missions. From Ms Phuah, I had a strong message of being courageous, be faithful to what God has spoken to me to do... "Have you seen miracles when you are faithful to His guidance?" she asked. Yes, Ms Phuah, yes... And Dr Ajith says that it is very important to have a group of friends who love you enough to rebuke you, who will pray for you, trust you, give you advices... And that his wife is his "shock-absorber"... Hahahahahaha. Whenever bad things happen, on and on, his wife would so-called absorb all of the shocks resulted.

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