Friday, July 18, 2008

GoForth 2008 (#1)

GoForth National Missions Conference Our Asian Missions Challenge God's Glory in the East Singapore, 16-19 July 2008 _________________________ Day 3 We had a great panel discussion today. The facilitator was Rev. Dr. Warren Beattie (Director for Mission Research, OMF International). The panelists were: Dr Lee Tsao Yuan (Executive Director & Executive Coach, SDC Consulting). She currently sits on the boards of OCBC Ltd and Keppel Corporation Ltd. She was a two-term Nominated Member of Parliament (1994-96 and 1997-99). Her international experience included participation in four international advisory groups as Singapore's only representative, namely: the APEC Eminent Persons Group; the Asia-Europe Vision Group and the Task Force on the AFTA-CER Free Trade Area. Mr Benjamin Pwee (Managing Director, I-deo Asia). He is an experienced business consultant, coach and trainer, specializing in business development, corporate strategy, strategic planning, organizational re-design, business process improvement, and cross-cultural management in the Asian region. He is highly multi-lingual and multi-cultural. He is originally from Singapore, graduated with a BA and MA from Cambridge University and has done further training at Harvard Business School. Rev. Edwin Lam (Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church). He has been a pastor since 1987. A graduate from Moody Bible Institute and Regent College of Vancouver. On this 3rd day, Dr Ajith Fernando spoke in the plenary of the theme "Christians on the Global Road". So, the panel discussion evolved mainly around "globalisation", "westernization", and I learned more about the tension between tentmaking and 'your work itself is indeed a mission'. I learned a new "tribe" -- bankers-tribe, businessmen-tribe, lawyers-tribe... ^__________^ These tribes will be my 'tribes' if God does call me to be a goer, tentmaker. My workshop for today was "Stepping Out: Missionary Preparation" -- learned more about practical things, like yesterday's workshop that I chose "Strategic Approaches to Tentmaking Ministries". And yes, it's again about my personal relationship with God, my personal calling from Him...

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