Sunday, June 15, 2008


15th June. We celebrated Father's Day in SG today.

Papa might not be an ideal parent... As Rev Burke prayed before his sermon, he gave thanks to the Lord for the fathers "who have passed away"... even for the fathers who "desert us, abuse us"... Still, they are our fathers.

He brought me to Sunday School... He used to read Bible stories for us before bedtime... It was him who realized how important education is, so he sent me to private schools so that I could learn English since I was in kindergarten -- I'm not sure there were many of such school in 1986 in Jakarta... He was away from God for years, more than a decade, but it was him who raised me with healthy family-background... He nurtured healthy habits in our home: we kissed our parents and they hugged us, before we left the house or when we reached home after a whole day of activities outside... We always had our dinner together -- gathered to sit and pray together.

Pastor Romy mentioned about those habits... when he preached in Vibo-Dewi's holy matrimony last week... The habits which he called as "western"-ed, yet he realizes that they are good and should be adopted in to our Asian culture.


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