Friday, June 20, 2008

Quit playing games (with my heart)

I'm addicted to games nowadays... Triggered by the new game in my cell phone, City Bloxx. Suddenly, it becomes so interesting for me, to stack the blocks, build a tall building... ^o^ LOL. Those buildings that I have created will develop to form a small city, medium city, etc. And there are some others, from Facebook -- the MindJolt Games: Bricks Breaking, Cube Crash, Staries... Hahahahahaha. Yesterday I had one of the rare interesting interviews that I liked... with one of the giant shipping companies. Sigh. It's a long way to go. My lecturer is excited, since I informed him about it. He keeps on encouraging me to "jia you!". Talked with Mama yesterday. As I always manage to stay cool "everything-is-fine" and cheerful in her ears -- even though I'm in the middle of a storm -- my attitude helps her to be optimistic and calm, too. She worries more about the absence of a "special guy" in my life, rather than worrying about my current employment status. Geeezzz... It's all because of my brother. He's been changing like dozens of girlfriends since school days... And my mum is suspecting him for finding a new one, after the break up just months ago. And as usual, I have to listen to all of her concerns... ^__________^ I have submitted my assignment. And we'll be having our exam in less than 2 weeks. Stressed... Moving out next week... Stressed... Preparing for next month, Mission programme for the whole month in my church... Stressed... EN is preparing for our Christmas evangelistic event for the coming December.... Praying and waiting for a confirmation for a premises at YWCA... Stressed...

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