Friday, June 20, 2008

His heart

TENT Course BGST/Biblical Graduate School of Theology, SG. The class has been started few days ago. I'm kinda thrilled about it... ^_______^ And... Peter joins the same class! Geezzz... He sticked out his tongue when he saw me... Hahahaha. I did the same thing to him. Our lecturer is... interesting. He looks very senior. He challenged us to ponder in the beginning of the class; to change our paradigm... Yep, God emphasizes again, that Mission is the heart of the Bible and the basis for its coming into being. Thank You, Lord... As teaching is one of my passions, I do realize the importance of being responsive to your teacher... answer when the teacher asks the class... or nods when there is a statement to be agreed about... or whatever, any kinds of reactions, basically. 'Cos when I sit on the teacher's chair, I do want my class to be pro-active... ^_________^ but, well, the class starts at 7.30 pm and ends at 10 pm, so... everyone's like... trying to be awake, feeling tired after working the whole day...

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