Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Pride

Man oh man... Working more than 2 years with my supervisor has proven that I can't stand with a man's pride! I now realise that how high their pride is! I mean, by seeing and dealing with my supervisor alone, I knew that a man's pride could be the biggest opponent in a relationship, any kind of relationship with a man.

My supervisor is a 40-year old married-man. He's insensitive, a boaster, porn-minded, and he works slow, with poor multi-tasking. I'll tell you about my supervisor's ego. (No offense, just analysing him... *giggle*)

He says that "women are useless" and "I wish that I had a womb so that I can make babies" and "I'm sure scientists will soon find out, how to create womb for men". (Don't you see that he even thinks that he's smarter than God).

I asked him about the women in his life -- his mother and his wife. And he says, "It's not my fault that I was born into the world." And "I need a wife because she has a womb."

He says that "Beth, everybody's stupid in this company. This company runs well because of me."

The work load is heavy and he says that "I don't need your help. I can do everything by myself." As the result, reports are delayed 'cos he can't manage his.

Everybody's packed with the workload and I help him to manage his. He says, "I don't ask you to help me. Don't help me!"

When I'm not around, our boss will get panicked 'cos she knows that it's a disaster -- my supervisor will ruin the work flow. I advise him the "secret" how to manage everything when I'm away from office. And he says, "Don't teach me! Don't tell me what I should do. I've been working here for 10 years!"

Is it too hard for men to admit that they do need help from others? Is it too hard to see women rule -- female president, female bosses, careerwomen, etc???

Trust me. I've tried, been trying to understand this man. Trying to analyse him -- brainstorming of any past experiences of being hurt by women, traumatised by a failure he made, etc. Trying to talk with him heart to heart -- and he'll be agitated with that attempt, offending himself, responsing rudely.

*sigh* It's not easy to change someone's mindset when he's 40. And especially when he's a man.

Well, I'm not sure that it applies to all men in the universe. Perhaps it only happens to me. LOL. I really can't stand my supervisor anymore.

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